Thursday, October 28, 2010

Checkerboard's "Unveiled" Album

We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Checkerboard's new album "Unveiled". Below is the press release from the NY Stationary Show -

“Unveiled elevates the act of inviting through imagery and personal expression, making it a conversation between the couple and their guests. No longer are invitees mere spectators but rather they are now a part of the event just as they have been a part of the couple’s life. From stationery that tells the personal story of a couples first date, to coordinating note cards that add a distinctive and individual touch to an invitation, Unveiled welcomes your guests into the event as active participants..they may just become as excited as the bride and groom.
Unveiled features mindful juxtapositions of colors, from subtle tone on tone to bold pops of color such as vibrant corals partnered with aqua and bright watermelon on white. Fashion forward as always, we’ve expanded our extensive collection of envelope liners to include lively patterns such as whimsical balloons and antique maps along with luxurious imported Italian designs.
Unveiled has thought through all the little details that make a couple’s planning easier and their event more personal and unforgettable. Checkerboard invitations are sold internationally. Although this new line is not yet available to view online, you can visit your local stationer to see it in person.”
Sneak Peak # 1
images copyright Checkerboard

Sneak Peak # 2

images copyright Checkerboard

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  1. Thank you for a lovely post about Unveiled!
    The Unveiled images are collages made by Checkerboard with images by wonderful photographers like Michele M. Waite, and cakes by Something Sweet by Michelle. Thank you for sharing and look forward to working with you.
    Best, Michelle